10 things I could do if I don't run

It's absurd to think that runners only possess the mental capacity of a nincampoop with little imagination on how to use our time besides running.

Just to vindicate our stance, lest this perpetual misrepresentation of runners get out of hand, here's a list of 10 things I could (and would) do if I don't run....

#1. I could go diving.
Well, I am actually a scuba diver. Advanced level but haven't quite gone beyond any specialty training yet. To me, that's adequate for leisure dives. This is made easier when Malaysia is renown for it's world famous pristine dive sites the likes of Si Padan, Layang Layang etc. I still have a craving now and then for compressed air. If you have never tried scuba diving, don't pass up on the opportunity. Do it soon, at least while there's still something left of our reefs.

#2. I could learn to fly a plane.
I once came very close to taking up flying lessons a few years back when I was still in Seremban. Though it was only at the capacity of MicroLite, it would have given me immense pleasure, I am pretty sure. Well, in the not too distant future and at the opportune time, I would revisit that again. A definite Bucket list before I die.

#3. I could record songs.
Not that I could serenade like Josh Groban, or croon like Michael Buble, or am remotely talented like John Mayers...But since my college days, I have this inexplicable unquenchable passion for singing and playing guitar/piano. I have since composed a number of songs. Yes, I kid you not. And it's my dream perhaps, to one day record these songs and put it on a CD. I am sure it may not be Billboard Top 100 material. But at least it will be something I could call my own. (Who needs American Idol for this!?)

#4. I could go skydiving. Or bungee jumping...
I think once in a life time, we should test the limit of our cardiovascular system. (I know it's probably cheaper to just do a stress test, but where's the fun in that?). I would jump on the next opportunity to scare the s**t out of myself. And if I live to tell the tale, I would tell you all about it, promise!

#5. I could learn sailing.
I suppose it's only natural if you are born and raised near the beach in Kuala Terengganu, a small town, now made world renown thanks to the Monsoon Cup. I have always had a fascination for the open sea. It's probably not going to happen soon since I can't quite afford a yacht. But for now a little dinghy will have to do. OK, maybe I could at least get a license for future reference....

#6. I could invent something...
At least I would like to think that I have something to contribute to humanity besides doing what I do at the moment. While actually inventing something isn't quite my forte, since I still struggle to change my car tire, but I have always been fascinated by the ideas of inventing something. It's OK, I am sure I won't be the next great inventor to come up with Teleportation or Anti-gravity devices. Doesn't matter, at least I came up with the idea of a Mobile Stethoscope App....Wait, I think Apple stole that idea from me!.....

#7. I could venture into politics.
Then again, maybe not. I am usually apolitical. But it's hard to ignore the rampant corruption at all levels in this country. This is brought especially close to heart when you become painfully aware that all your hard earned contribution to the Inland Revenue is somewhat systematically squandered by the ones whom you had entrusted to lead the nation. And there is not a thing you could do about it. (Except to vote and let your voice be heard! Well, of course, provided that the voting system isn't rigged too!). But if I must, I will. It depends on how the next GE goes....

#8. I could write a book.
I love to read. So, the idea of writing a book may have somehow rubbed off on me. But, honestly, I am still at the toddler's stage of potty training when it comes to writing something worth a glance. Not intending to be modest here, writing well is actually quite hard. But I love the challenge. Someday, when I am confident enough, perhaps I may just write a memoir or novel, or something. For now, blogging would have to do.

#9. I could be a missionary doctor.
My wife and I had thought about missionary work in our old age when our kids decide to grow up and leave home -whichever comes first. So, we would probably start over again wherever we are needed. It's a Christian thing. But this would call for divine guidance because I simply have no clue about it at this point in time. However, I'm sure we'll figure it out soon enough. If it is divine calling, God will make sure of it too.

#10. I could be an actor.
I had a taste of acting in the school play during my secondary school days. We eventually won first place at the state level competition. And it was really exhilarating playing a totally different character. I was particularly glad that I could finally let loose my multiple personality for a change and be approved of it on stage. Well, of course, then Med school happened, LIFE happened, soon enough, gone were the budding talent and potential of becoming the next Johnny Depp. Well, I could always land myself a small role in the upcoming local production as a pirated DVD vender, who knows? The possibilities are endless.

To you, they may seem like altered realities from a parallel world, perhaps in another life time sort of thing. Who knows, really? Given the resources, time and motivation to indulge myself, I may still get to do these perfectly plausible things. OK, maybe forget the politics, or the acting....

Then again, if all fails, I could always go back to running. That's alright, I'm flexible.


  1. You mean, there is life beyond running? LOL!

    Well, at least I know I could try all of the above with the exception for recording a song. I'd be jailed if people heard me try to sing! Hahaha!

    1. Yes, Nick. When we are in the deep end of running, it's easy to forgot that there is really life beyond...a vast one too. I am just too greedy I suppose, can't help but crave to suck up every ounce of that marrow of life. Call me crazy :)

  2. Overachiever, multi-talented! come back to FB!!!

    1. I am blushing, CL. Thanks for dropping by. You are always welcome here.


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