Tokyo. 3rd time's a charm?

It's already almost 2 weeks post HK100. Yet the nagging pain and stiffness in my left knee lingers on like a leech stubbornly clinging on to a blood meal.

Frustrating. This totally messes up my plan for Tokyo.

To make matters worse, 24 Feb is just around the corner.

It may have been presumptuous of me to think that I have enough recovery time after the HK100. After all, it would be just a matter of maintaining my stamina and doing a bit more of strength and speed work in the weeks leading to the event. No major mileages to cover. So I thought. Until the darn injury inconveniently brought a stand still to all the planned training. I even had to forego the recent 17km Penang Run because of it.

O Well, life is just full of surprises.

So, the only thing left to do now is to reset my goal for Tokyo. (course map and elevation chart)

Realistically, given the amount of actual training that transpired and the specificity of the workouts (mainly geared towards HK100) since Osaka (Nov 2012), deep down, I know that sub 3 in Tokyo isn't  going to be a likely outcome anyway. Only a wishful thinking to wet the appetite of an aspiring sub 3 marathoner.

In fact, based on my current level of fitness, it would be a miracle to even manage a sub 3:30!

But regrettable as it may seem, I am not too bothered by it.

That's because there's a season for everything. Perhaps now is the time for recuperating.

And when it's time, I'll make a come back.

I figure, it is not always possible to out perform yourself. (spoken like a true perfectionist!)

And that's just life. Hiccups and disappointments are just part and parcel of a marathoner's training. Variables, difficult circumstances and confounding factors are to be expected. In fact that's the norm. The law of chaos. Unavoidable. You can be upset about it. But really, what's the point?

More importantly, accept it, learn from it and move on.

Just want to share an article I read some time ago. I guess it comes in really handy like a soothing balm, now that I am in that predicament. Read here.

Whatever the outcome for Tokyo, I am determined to have a good time there. Sub 3:30 or not. Come what may. I have chosen to return to it for the third time because Tokyo has always held a special place in my heart. Not because I have ever produced a PB there though. But I have always admired the kamakaze/fighting spirit of the Japanese runners who are tough as nail. This is evident by the shear number of their sub 3 marathoners. Sickeningly common for them. And not to mention the superb organization of the event. Meticulous. Detailed to a fault. No surprise there, as they have been officially declared the Top 6th Marathon in the world. And of course, with AA's cheap flights too. That helps too...

Ooo Well....

Whatever comes. The third time's definitely a charm.


  1. I truly miss the people and country. Perhaps this time you can take the tourist approach and soak in the atmosphere and partake the buffet spread?


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