Beyond Running

I think I should have something else to offer apart from just ranting on and on about running.

Don't you sometimes get overwhelmingly satiated by it? I mean, people going on and on about how fast, furious and focused they are....but I have shocking news for you, most of the time, (pardon my brutality), most people just DON'T give a damn! Face it, if you are a runner, as much as you would feel dutiful to extend some degree of courteous pat-on-the-shoulder to your running pals, don't tell me you have never been tempted to just skip through those parts? (Some maybe singing Hallelujah and thanking God for FB, at least you can just click "LIKE" without needing to actually read through the article).

The way I see it, reading these articles on running, (not that it is not interesting or genuinely inspiring), is like eating noodles with a choice of cutlery such as a fork or a pair of chopsticks. Verdict: It still tastes the SAME. I like noodles. But maybe just once in a while, I wouldn't mind some fried rice.

So, I have decided to digress. Life is just too amazingly complex to just categorize it into running or not running. I know you probably think of running as a metaphor for everything about life. I want to assure you. I am that nuts about it too. But life is just bigger than that. And to think that I could only come up with my 'best' to write only about running, I think I may be seriously stifling myself. Not that talent has anything to do with it. I assure you that too.

It would be just nice to once in a while write about my actual work. You know, not the doctor-thou-art-so-holy stuff, but just the doctor-I-am-shit-tired-and-frustrated type of things. Just to mix things up a bit. And wouldn't it be great to just let people see too that I am only human. And being a doctor, is really just some over glorified problem solver with colourful degrees displayed on the clinic wall. And boy, do we strive to solve those problems! Sometimes, if you are not careful, you may end up thinking that you are the cause of the problem!

Why now? Well, I guess the present is as good a time as any other. Perhaps I am running out of inspiration and ideas to write about running. Perhaps there is really not a lot more to say about running. Not that I have reached the culminating point of my running career, NO WAY! But in truth, I think that that amount of attention is just not justifiable. My time should be better spent. Life is just too short. 

Anyway, this is just another ranting. A rather let-the-steam-off-my-chest type of ranting. Don't mind me because I am rather stressed out. (I can't even remember if I were ever NOT stressed out!) But will let you know why when I have the clarity to put that into perspective. Shall write about that soon. 

Stay tuned. 

I will (of course) still write about running. That doesn't end here. I have simply just broaden my scope in blogging. After all, I am uniquely me. Not just a bib number or a runner. Not just a doctor, but a father and a husband. I am all of the above blended into one eccentric paediatrician with a crazy passion for running who is frantically balancing all that as a family man TRYING hard not to screw it all up!

Pardon me. I am actually sounding as though I have a million readers. How delusional! How many people actually read this anyway? Ok. In that case, I guess I should publish this...


  1. Always good to let off steam once in a while and I totally understand the stressed out part. Sometimes I just want to scream but what good will that do, so I just let it out in a run. Yup, I have nothing else to talk about except running too ... LOL! A great weekend to you, Doctor :D

    1. Nick, de-stressing with a run is a given. But some days, the stress level could be so excessive that I don't even have the energy to complete a run, despite the effort. But we keep going, and we have to.

  2. "How many people actually read this anyway?"
    I do.
    As another runner who is balancing many of the same things you are - being a father, husband, possessor of career which consumes me (although your career seems to contribute much more to society than mine), and of *course*, running, I find your blog interesting for the reason you pointed out yourself...
    It is unique to yourself.
    Reading blogs is interesting that you can read about people who have similar interests than yourself but are different in their own ways.

    1. Thanks Ted. You have a good point there. Blogs are good outlet for most of us. Whether or not it is loaded with useful information or just a site for venting your frustrations...
      Yeah, still finding it hard to strike the balance...


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