Regarding Ultra......

In 2013, for Ultra marathons, I have HK100, Comrades and TMBT 100 in the pipeline....

So far, I have registered for Comrades. Registration for HK100 will start on 23 Sept 2012. And TMBT 100, well, registration date TBA.

So, am I into Ultra now? Some folks may think that I have gone bonkers. Maybe I am certifiably CRAZY. But it’s an intentional madness.

It’s no secret that I have always strived to improve my marathon time. I do this with no intention to compete against anyone else but myself. I do this to prove that I can. And yes, I derive from it a certain sense of pleasure and satisfaction. (Don’t we all?)

But there comes a time when training seems to plateau regardless of what you do. And somehow pushing harder beyond that boundary does not seem to get you anywhere.  I am sort of at that stage.

I have looked to Ultra to answer this. Go the distance. Force myself to train longer and harder. Well, when you register for races like these, you better make damn sure that you train for it! And perhaps, with the higher mileage, the increase in stamina and "toughness" would give me the edge I need to clinch that elusive sub3.

I have to confess that I've been very slack on my mileage all this while. I have talked about increasing my mileage for donkey years yet I have not actually achieved it consistently. I have touched 100km/week. But averagely, I am only doing 70-80 overall. And over the recent 2 months since Gold Coast, it was lesser than a meagre 70.

Pitiful excuses are only soothing for those who are not desperate enough for a real change. I could well settle for a few very legitimate ones such as my long working hours and on-calls. They are good excuses. But nonetheless still excuses.  Signing on the Ultra will force me to buck up on the mileage.

I have yet to accomplish anything beyond 42.195 km. So, I would be careful to touch on the little that I know about Ultra. But the honest truth about it is: if this is the only way I am ever going to force myself to rake up the mileage, so be it! I need that push factor. I know that I may be in WAY over my head, but I think this is actually doable. Some say that this is more of a mental than physical test. I don’t know, maybe they are right. But until I experience it myself, I will reserve that comment until I have actually done one.

Here’s looking at the elevation charts for the three Ultra and what I am in for….

HK 100km

Comrades 89+km courtesy from Frank Chong

TMBT 100 (Start to 50km)

TMBT 100 (50-100km) courtesy from Cynthia Gan

So, you will be expecting some posts on training for Ultra and Trail as I plan to delve more into it. I will also be getting some useful tips from the Ultra sifu and those who have experience in this field.

And yeah, I will definitely be doing longer runs and hill training, for a start.

We shall see where this leads me…. 


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    1. Thanks Rayzeef. Will see how I fair in HK100 :)

  2. Woohoo! You'll be great Doc. And I shall add you as another ultraidol to my list ;p

  3. Haha Deo! I haven't even started it. May actually totally suck at it le....But at least will give me the push to do a proper long run....:)

  4. Francis, you use Ultra as training to achieve your ultimate Marathon goal... that's new, and I think it will sure fire! hahaha...:D

    1. Y.S. this gives the new meaning to the word "Over-achieve"...Hahaha!

      But seriously, am just tired of the excuse of not doing enough mileage. This time, it's business!


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