Regarding failures....

Humming to Paolo Nutini's soulful husky "Last Request", I drove along the Bridge amidst a steady stream of commuters heading towards work. With a sunny predisposition, it seemed a nice enough day to ponder about life. Like any other day, this hour long of introspection while driving seemed an appropriate way to kill time.

Most days, these thoughts would be no more than a mesh work of ideas, regrets, prayers, silence, etc all mixed in the crock pot of life's mysteries and riddles. No fantastic or glorious interjections nor conclusions. Well, futile as it seems, to some extent, it serves to pigeonhole different issues into their rightful place. Sort of an exercise to clear the mind. And don't I need that...

However, once in a while, even the crock pot reaches boiling point. This day would seem like one of those days where ideas distill to some level of clarity...hence, I reached the conclusion that life is simply too complex. Rather than chasing my own tail, perhaps it's an issue of asking the right question. Simplify. Draw up a workable plan and move on....

It's very hard to write about this without sounding too "philosophical" and condescending. Words get in the way. From a religious and cultural background, medical training, right down to political stand etc. my views and take on life, cooked over these 40 years, are as complex and perplexing like an endless tangle of noodles in the soup of life. Yet, I have no answers. Only a seeker trying to figure out things as he stumbles along....

But of this much I am sure:

When you fall, just get up again and keep going.

Yes, like you, I have had a fair share of failures in my life. (Doesn't anyone?) And it doesn't stop here, I'm afraid....

And I don't think I will ever get used to the idea of failure. No one in the right mind does. Even the devil shunts it. But it is an inseparable part of life. Like pain and suffering. It's part of being human. Part of God's grand design.

However, today, the epiphany or so called, is the realization that I don't have to be so worked up over failures. Failure sometimes comes through no fault of my own. And even if it is due to my own doing, it has a purpose. And whatever it is, no matter how pathetic, should only be allowed to linger long enough to propel me forward.

Failure is a process of growth. Sure, I love success. I love it's taste. I bask in its glory. But failure as a direct and opposite counterpart, can sometimes be equally potent to produce the desired effect in me to excel. The key here is not to shunt it. I am not implying that I welcome it either. But when it comes knocking, I try to learn from it. Instead of wallowing in it, I'd learn what I need to know and move on.

As a runner, I faltered more than I could remember. So, you can say that failure is not foreign to me. But each time this happens, regardless of whether it is my own doing or not, I have learned to face it, pick myself up and move on. In the past, my one track mind was only concerned about success. Failure was never an option. And when it did happen, I just found it hard to accept. And mostly, I didn't know how to. But I am glad to say that I am getting better at it....

I suppose the same principle applies to life situations. Success and failure are just two sides of the same coin. Living a fruitful and meaningful life is as much about learning to deal with success as it is with failure. Without both, we can never be quite complete. So, embrace it. Don't be afraid of failures.

I remind myself of this whenever I stumble.

When you fall, just get up again and keep going.

This may strike a chord in your heart. Or it may not. But it is my hope that when it does, it may come to you in a timely way. Let it extend you a helping hand. Because life's complicated enough.


  1. Well said. To me, failure is an incentive to get up and do even better the next time.

    Happy Feet

    1. Yes, Nick, I am sincerely hoping and working on that too...


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