Sub 3? Are you kidding?

With the passing of time, purportedly amidst a growing sense of uncertainty and insecurity, aging brings us closer to ourselves, and along with it, the legacy of experience gained. Life is fair.....but often, not without a sense of irony.....

Just when you know what you really want in life, it appears that time has finally caught up. You are now but left to struggle in futility a task long overdue. Perhaps 10 years overdue...

This is how I feel when it comes to marathon running.

At 41, it may really be a fact that my prime IS over.

However, acceptance of that is never on my agenda. I will have to prove myself utterly wrong before I would kowtow to it.

I am a stubborn man. When it comes to something that I want, even my parents have difficult convincing me otherwise. That's how it's always been since my early years. Driven, tipping to the point of obsessive compulsiveness, I would stop at nothing if I have set my mind on something.

It's a dangerous trait too. And often, it risks hurting others around me. I would be encaged in my own world, self-absorbed, almost narcissistic. But do not mistake me as fame-seeking. Nor do I desire the praise of men. And I have no appetite for 'greatness'. The only drive I have is to constantly improve. It's somehow unshakably 'hot-wired' into me since my conception.

Sub 3. A dream. An aspiration. A tall order. Almost unattainable. But somehow....I think I can do it. It is not megalo-egoistic pride speaking. Nor a delusional blabber. But you'll know when you know. That sort of thing.

Now, for it to translate into action, I have some plans. Analysis of my past failures and recent consultation from Pros the likes of Kang and Din, has helped me pinpoint my weaknesses. Now, I am aware that I am like a child failing to thrive. I am severely malnourished when it comes to my mileage. I need to crank it up to 100km/week or more. Secondly, my speed and strength needs more work too. Currently sub 40 min/10km. But this is inadequate. I need to perform a 36-37 min/10km if I were to achieve sub 3. With these two aspects sorted, hopefully, the third component would resolve by itself: getting from 65kg down to 60kg.

That's THE Plan! To execute it, it would require no more than absolute dedication and perseverance. Anything less is shortchanging myself and I would be wasting my time and effort.

I know it will not be soon. But now, I am clearer than ever. The difference between a dreamer and an achiever, as I realize, is: Knowing thyself, having a darn good plan to achieve it, and an absolute uncompromising attitude to finish it!

So, let's do it, shall we?!


  1. I'm with you Francis, even if I won't be in Boston. Wishing you the best in your training. Also don't discount race day conditions (external ie weather and internal eg stomach distress) as the 3rd factor. Exciting times for you, I'm sure!

  2. Thanks Jamie! It may be too soon to attempt sub 3 in Boston. But more likely a better chance in GCAM. Will give it my best shot!

  3. Good idea - Boston is too hilly and it's better to just enjoy the experience and steep tradition. GCAM is flat and you can pace with Steve Moneghetti as he paces the 3:00 group!!

  4. Thanks, Deo! Will certainly try!

  5. Never too sure that you'll be able to do it if you believe it.....good luck!

    Yit Kiat

  6. Thank you Yit Kiat!
    Will try my best. And you too, not too far from it at all!
    Let's work on it together!


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