Kim Smith Sets U.S. All-Comers Record at Philly Half-Marathon
It was the New Zealander's own record that she broke at the Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon on Sunday. She got the best of a prolonged duel with Werknesh Kidane of Ethiopia and took first in 1:07:11, shattering the All-Comers mark of 1:07:36 she set in New Orleans in February. Kidane, who was also under the old record with her 1:07:28, "stuck to me like glue," noted Smith. This was a sweet triumph for Smith, who'd led the Boston Marathon at 18 miles in April before a calf cramp forced her out of the race.  "Boston was the biggest setback of my career,” Smith acknowledges. "I struggled mentally after that race. I nearly felt like quitting the sport and so this win today was a redemption of sorts for me."

(photo of Kim Smith by Victah Sailer)

I was particularly drawn to the last statement. Despite a painful trough in Boston, she eventually bounced back and redeemed herself with an amazing new record.

O, redemption is so sweet. Especially when you contrast that with the near drowning/near quitting experience. A bitter sweet kind of victory. A triumph over incredible odds.

I love this kind of story. It is an inspiration to all. It lifts the spirit of the broken-hearted and reminds us that though fallible as we are, we can still choose to rise up to the challenge instead of wallowing in our defeat.

Here, it would have been so easy to give in to the temptation to quit. So effortless. But that is also the defining moments of our life. We would have to live with that defeat for the rest of our life if we choose to quit. I don't know about you, but that would have been a lousy way to live.

So, whatever defeat that may have struck you down...Now is the time to sober up. It's time to make a come back. It is time for redemption.


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