Running with Giants

It is not too often that one gets to run alongside a legend.

Finished work early yesterday. So I decided to go for a run at the Youth Park. Bumped into a group of runners. Recognized some from FB (The beauty of technology!) so worked up the courage to go and join in anyway. In fact, I didn't know any of them personally.

Turns out that they run everyday. And for most week days it would be at the Park. For yesterday, the program was to do a hill interval. So, happily I tagged along not knowing what I was in for.

So, from the word go, we made a bee line for Taman Jesselton where the hill slope's situated and started a 400m climb. The pace was doable. So I thought. After the first interval, I noticed a runner who was consistently running faster than the rest. Since I wasn't too jaded, I decided to push myself a bit more and followed.

It was at 5-6th that the fatigue started to kick in and suddenly the runner whom I was following was lagging behind. But instead at the 7th interval, Richard (newly met) came storming past me just out of no where. I was astonished to say the least. And right behind him was a Malay chap striding comfortably past me as we drew near the 400m mark. My thoughts was, "Wooow, I seriously underestimated these runners!"

For the 8th and the last interval, I gave it all I got and almost sprinted all the way. Lo and behold, I could hear the footsteps of someone drawing near behind me. It was the Malay Chap. He could have easily run past me. But as we reached the end, I sensed that he slowed down deliberately. May be to him, it was nothing more than a practice run. But to me, I was almost as flat out as a pancake.

Having completed the interval, we jogged back to the Park. They were chit chatting along the way. I was in no condition to chat. I was worn out.

Goes to show (and I have a lot to learn too) that it's not about being fast or first. It's being steady and consistent.

A humbling process indeed.

What's more humbling, as I found out later, (and again from FB!) that the Malay chap with whom I was running: was in fact the legendary Shaharudin who is one of the top marathoners in Malaysia. His PB ~2:35!

Aiyo! Cinya Lao Kwie.......


  1. Francis, glad you've found a group to run with. Din is a very nice chap.

  2. Yeah, it's a dynamic group with some very serious runners. Din was just "visiting". But a very humble chap, indeed. Very very fast though....


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