Count down to Sundown

Sundown is a mere 4 weeks away. And my only "LSD" was a measly 21km in Bidor! So, expectation for this FM race is not high. Will be glad to just finish it as another LSD. Realistically, my focus is now shifted to SCKLM on 26 June.

That takes a lot pressure off me because the last thing I want is to exacerbate my injuries by pushing too hard. Over the past few weeks, I was surprised that my "troubled" lower limps have behaved exceptionally well. No major pain issues and I don't have to limp too much. Let's hope it holds up for the rest of the year.

This is my first Sundown. It will be starting at 10pm on a Saturday night from the likely warm and humid Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore. So, don't expect to have a cool night unless the weather decides to surprise us. I hear from Steve that there will be quite a lot of Malaysians doing this race. And quite a few of us are putting up in the beary good hostel (yes, it's not a spelling error.) Clean and Cheap. So I was told. After all, the marathon's going to finish quite late at perhaps 1-3 am. All we need is a place to stop over for the night.

I think Sundown is famously THE race in Singapore second only to the superbly organized Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore which is usually at year end. But since I have done 3 consecutive SCMS 2008-2010, I would give this year's SCMS a miss. But Sundown is also famous for its Ultra (100km!) which falls on 25 June. Thus coinciding with SCKLM. Intentionally, in my opinion.

But so far, the publicity for night races hasn't been very good. With the recent mess up in the Energizers ENR, we are eager to see if Sundown will live up to its reputation. And since it will also be my very first night race, I hope not to go away disappointed with the event's organization.

A curious note though. This concerns their announcement a week ago about race pack collection. We were expected to collect it on 20-22 May. ?What? I am sure they know that some participants are international, most would probably be Malaysians. How do they expect us to collect it on those dates? It wasn't until a week later that they sent out another notice saying that we (Non Singaporeans) can collect the pack on 26 May. Again..?Huh? Most of us would be flying in on 27-28 May, how on earth is that helpful for us? Of course, upon further emailing and correspondence, they later announced that we could actually collect it on race day if we cannot make it for the aforementioned dates. I mean this is quite commonsense stuff, right? Maybe not.... hope this is only a minor glitch. An oversight.

Anyway, I look forward to this nice LSD on 28 May. A "Night out" with friends. Should be interesting.


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