Boston 2011. World record smashed....BUT?!?!?!

The world was on his feet. A new World Record in marathon history was set! Geoffrey Mutai was the man in the limelight crossing the finish with a whooping 2:03:02! Smashing Haile Gebrselassie's WR by 57 seconds.
But wait, it was NOT a WR. Because according to IAAF and USATF, Boston is not a "record-quality course". The reason behind that is because of the so called elevation loss. Besides, there was the tailwind issue as well.

What a bummer!

Imagine clinching the WR in your hand and still being denied of it! ...I think Mutai must have felt at least a little bit cheesed off. But maybe he already knew this inevitable outcome. He must have read the fine prints. I must admit, before this I had no idea that Boston is not a record-quality course. So much hype has gone into just qualifying for the race! "Have you BQ?" has become a favourite catch phrase. In many runners' "Bucket list", it's probably one of those things to do before you die and so forth....and yet, Not a record-quality course? Is it any one's fault that IAAF and USATF has disqualified it on the grounds of elevation loss? Well, I am sure they have their standards to uphold. Otherwise, there won't be any form of standards to marathon running...

Well, if Mutai is happy with it, who are we to complain? The prestige of just running in a Boston Marathon is enough for a runner to simply ignore any of the so called record quality (or not) course. Face it, only one person should complain about it since no one else is qualified to protest. (Sorry in this case, 2 persons! Mutai's fellow countryman Moses Mosop, also "smashed" the WR by running a 2:03:06!)

So, for now, Mutai has to contend with "the world's FASTEST". I guess that's good enough for now. We are happy for you.

As for me, I have BQ but to secure a place for 2012 is nothing short of a miracle now with their new guideline for registration. Face it, Boston is the hardest race to get into....that's why it's the most sought after race in the world.

In the mean time, I'll keep running my best! Hopefully can PB (or PR) in order to improve on my BQ. And in the process of doing that, never forgetting to just simply enjoy it!


  1. yet Mutai still $225k richer. I hope I can BQ!!!

    The Boston Athletic Association and race sponsor John Hancock Financial Services offered a $50,000 bonus for a world record and a $25,000 bonus for breaking Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot’s 2010 2:05:52 course record. The race will honor both, said BAA executive director Tom Grilk, meaning that Mutai will collect a check for $225,000: $150,000 for finishing first and $75,000 in bonuses. Hall will earn only $25,000 for finishing fourth.

  2. yes. but wouldn't victory be sweeter if the WR has your name in it?
    Ryan Hall PB as well. And got 25000USD for breaking the old Boston Record of 2:05.

  3. That's more like it!


  4. This fella's face still looked so relaxed!

  5. i saw the repeat of Boston 2012 on Sunday. Mutai out sprint the 2nd Kenyan in the last 1k. The speed that he have during the last 1k definitely faster than my 1k run.

  6. They make it look easy. Super human.....


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