Will the real runner please stand up?

We see all around us lives crushed by the quake, swept away by the tsunami, torn by war. And that's all in one day.

Our eyes flinch a little. Brows frown a little. Some even shed a tear.

Maybe you have felt helpness when faced with tragedy of such magnitude.What can one person really do to change things?

Then, may I suggest that we do what we do best....

We run.

For the cause of our fellow human being. We run with our message to the world: wake up and be responsible human beings. For the perished, we run to mourn for them. For those suffering, we run to encourage them and raise fund for their needs. For the rest of the earth, we run to tell them that we can all make an impact in our world if we choose to. For the sake of this generation and the ones to come.

To make it challenging enough. I propose we run across Malaysia. From the North to the South. (Peninsular) and from the East to the West (East Malaysia). It will be a relay race like no other. Each would run at a pre-designated distance but each person should attempt at least a marathon distance. You can do more if you want!

Sounds far fetch? Too ginormous an effort? Who's gonna do it? Is it even possible?

Well, when there is a will, there is always a way.

The running part isn't too much of a challenge, it's the organizing part that will require herculian effort. 

Nevertheless, I say it's time we runners speak up. The running community has a voice and it's time we let our voice be heard. We RUN for our nation and for our earth.

This is merely my suggestion. But blogging about it allows me to gauge the response of the Malaysian runners community. Ultimately, the real question is whether we WANT to do it. If the response is nothing more than luke warm, then like I said, this is merely a suggestion. But if we actually do this, we have the potential to impact the world!

So, what's it gonna be?


  1. Hi Francis... I am in.

    TanjungMalim-->KL or KL-->Seremban stretch sounds good to me.

    I will also run against nuke... "NO NUKES" for Malaysian. Always remember that we've already had 40% electricity power reserve even without nukes! Why do they want to plant a time-bomb in our beautiful country considering we've already had 40% in excess!

    p.s. lets make Oxfam a warm up and learning opportunity...

  2. Good idea!!
    who is going to organise it?
    YS..still on Oxfam?

  3. YS: That's the spirit! If only all of us Malaysians are like that! I am not particularly gifted in the ability to organize this kind of event. But I know many amongst the Malaysian Runners Community are good at that. I will call up Pacesetter to see if they would be willing to take up something of this magnitude....We'll see.


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