Boston Marathon 2012

Yes! The qualifying time for Boston 2012 is OUT!

Last year, I was one week too late to register for the 2011 Boston Marathon. I qualified for Boston based on my Beijing Marathon result. (3:17). Beijing was 24 Oct 2010. Exactly one day after my 40th birthday! For my age category (40-44), I had to do below 3:20.

Due to the overwhelming response for the world famous marathon, the registration was FULL within 8 hours of opening! It was on 18 Oct 2010. So, for me, it wasn't meant to be.

At the point, though it was disappointing, nonetheless it was comforting enough to know that at least, I qualified for it. I thought I would try to apply for 2012. But then the organizer announced that due the overwhelming response, they have decided to modify the qualifying time to make it tougher to enter. The QT (qualifying time) was to be announced at a later date....

Anyway, to my relief, the 2012 Boston Marathon qualifying time for my age category is still the same. 40-44 category: 3:20. So, that's one issue solved! However, what they have done now is to first allow those with a bigger qualifying margin to start registering on the 12 Sept 2011. I can only start registering on 16 Sept 2011! I hope there is still a place! (Being Kiasu, I know I will try to register on the 12 Sept 2011 anyway!) For those who are thinking of running Boston, mark it down on your calendar!

However, they have also revised the 2013 Boston QT and to qualify for 40-44, I will have to do 3:15. They are really making it tougher.

Based on that, I will HAVE to run Boston next year!

It's my dream to ultimately do Boston. At least once in my life time. Call it a runner's pilgrimage.....

Boston is the world's oldest annual marathon. One of the top 5 most reputable marathons in the world. And it's also one of the toughest. You can read and find out more from the link below.

Anyway, I will be keeping both eyes on 12 Sept 2011. Oh ya, have to also find out the US local time too. Super Kiasu......


  1. terribly challenging to the rest of us... really salute you!

  2. Hi YS,
    'Challenging' is running your Ultra. THAT, to me is challenging. But I suppose it is after all, a personal perspective. It's a personal pilgrimage. All of us have our own goals, achievements and standards we set for ourselves. The important thing is to stay true to ourselves in the pursuit of that goal. All the best in your training!


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