I think I need perspective.

Sometimes, we think we have everything figured out in life. We make new year resolutions/plans and try our utmost to follow through. But sometimes, that's still not enough. It's not that we do not achieve our goal. On the contrary, we may have achieved all, but in the end, we aren't any happier.

Read an article written by Dean Karnazes. It's not some super psych-up motivational speech like what we are used to receiving from the emails...but just an honest and uplifting message from someone who, in my opinion, is more than qualified to write on such topics.

"Script your perfect life". I think I have really forgotten how to dream. I don't want to start a new year with more resolutions and plans just to reflect on it at the eve of 2012 and realize: Heck, I am nowhere near where I started out in 2011....Thankfully, as Dean puts it "Life can't be distilled down to a list of goals and objectives..." I totally agree. Let's look beyond...and dream that big, incredible and outrageous dream. I mean, why not? What have we got to lose?

I don't think I have much to say in this blog. At least not until I've worked out my part. i.e. script my perfect life. So, I will go for a long slow run. No stop watch or GPS. No course marked out. Just run. Clear my head. And dream that big dream. Then I would pen it down and follow through with it. (God willing!)

This - will be my new year resolution.


  1. Hi Francis, very philosophical post...:) :)

    Hope your watch-less and GPS-less LS run finally inspired you of your next destination.

    (Please don't tell me that you wanna be a monk, otherwise we might have the first sub-4 marathon monk in the world... muahaha!)

  2. Hi YS,
    Me a monk? Not possible. I love the world too much.
    Not had that run yet, but will probably do it this weekend when I have the time....


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