How to run a not running it...?

HK Marathon 2011 is less than a month away. And I am beginning to get worried. After SCMS in Dec 2010, thought I had a lengthy rest period for recuperation, but obviously it wasn't enough for these injuries of mine.

Darn it! I am now left with no choice but to consider abondoning my HK Marathon. And perhaps focus only on Tokyo (which is a week after HK). Heck, I might not even be able to run Tokyo at all, the way this is going!

So, first thing first, since I am going to HK anyway, I have to find interesting ways to run a marathon by not running it. Tried to sign up for half in december but the organizer REALLY made it difficult for anyone contemplating a switch, not to mention you don't get a refund for the fee paid for the Full. So, in the end, I just told the guy that I will just stick to my original plan, much to his relief.

How to do it?

Option 1: Make my way to the starting line. Bring along a camera, take shots of the team mates from Seremban 2 (my running group) who are taking part in the full. Trouble is, with so many people, it will be very difficult to see them. (Since I signed up for the Men 1 which starts about half an hour earlier).

Option 2: Work my way to the bridge and then wait for them there.  And what about the finish? Surely I won't be able to complete my run....unless I break off from the crowd at some point and use the MRT to get back to the finish line? But from last year's experience, there isn't any MRT station in sight before we approach the finish. What am I to do?

Option 3: Don't run at all and just get to Causeway Bay with my camera and wait for the guys to finish.

Aiya it's so sickening! To think you've painstakingly signed up, booked flights and hotel just to get there and NOT RUN! I mean, which idiot does that?!

I know, that's just me. Too ambitious. Mind you, this was way before I experienced any of the injuries. The booking for HK started in September 2010 and right after that Tokyo. I booked for HK just in case I didn't manage to get ballotted for Tokyo. (I know, greedy and Kiasu, right?) Needless to say, I got both. That's where the dilemma began.

Nevermind that. No use crying over spilled milk. Now I just want to get there and experience the sensational HK Marathon. I have always run to achieve PB. Now maybe it's a good opportunity for me to just run for the fun of it. Or be a spectator for all it's worth.

Of course, in the mean time, I am going to do all I can to sort out these injuries of mine. Still clinging on to a glimmer of hope to just 'maybe' run a decent enough race if my legs allow me. Last year, did a 4 hour flat despite severe cramp at 35km. Vowed to return and avenge my shame. But it looks like that will have to wait. A chinese saying: 英雄报仇,十年未晚. It's a matter of day, one day!

So, if there is any colourful ways to achieve this, please share your thoughts!


  1. Hi Francis, can try 'power-walk'... see if can be done sub-6, also can sight-see and photo-shoot, with free water/isotonic/gel support every few kms... what a cool way to see the 'oriental pearl'...:) :) No pressure, nothing...:) If chance allowed, I would wanna try this too...:)

  2. hmmm, what's that about, shall google it. Thanks for tip. It might just be the thing for me....

  3. haha... 'power-walk' means walk as fast as you can, like those 'big walker' swaying buttock from side-to-side, swinging the bent-arms.

  4. that is hideously difficult! I don't think my hips can take it! Hahaha! But will still consider it though. Better than not running. But I think there is a cut off time of 5hr 30 minutes. I might end up being swept up by buses nearing the end. No fun in that!

  5. Aiya Francis...

    it's proven you can do it in HK judging by today's performance.Down with injury but can complete 32km easily means you can always do a sub 4h in HK.
    Have faith!


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