C'est au revoir mes amis (It's good bye my friends)!

S2 Runners. This is what we call ourselves.

If I could linger a little longer, this would have been a fantastic place to train and run. And this group of runners with whom I have become acquainted has become rather dear to me over the past year.

We trained together as frequently as we could. And over the past year, participated in a number of races ranging from half, to 25km, 30km and full marathons.I have learned a lot from running in this group and certainly I wouldn't be where I am if not for every single one of them. And I mean what I say.....

The leader of the group is Mr. Yee. He is the soul of the group. A run on Sunday isn't quite complete without him. He is 63 and still going on strong. Although currently having a little set back with injury, he is still actively involved with the group. I remember my first run with him back in Oct 2009, he was chatting with me on marathon running as we ran a 35km LSD. I was not talking much simply because I was so out of breath, but he was running so leisurely that I was totally sold on the idea that one could actually talk while running! Suffice to say, he's my bench mark for lifelong marathon running. But I don't think just anyone can do it like him. He is absolutely disciplined when it comes to his running. Very focus and determined. He is also the one that inspired me to achieve my best. The idea of qualifying for Boston Marathon was first introduced by him. Thank you, Mr. Yee!

Steve is the person who first introduced me to the group. I knew him from church since 2001. If you knew him back then, you'd be amazed at how much he has slimmed down since. Marathon running has transformed him. Steve, in my opinion, is the most durable guy in my group. He had a few downs but those experiences did not thwart his spirit. He has never given up nor utter any negative remarks. Just kept on going. He's usually very busy with work with odd unpredictable long hours. Yet he has found time to train. I think at the rate he's going, he should be able to achieve his sub 5 this year.

TC was the first guy to introduce himself to me when I ran my first run with the S2 group. Sociable guy, I thought to myself. But he is quite the back bone of the S2 group. He's "given up" on a number of occasions (mostly after running a marathon) but bounced back everytime. At 50, he is just starting off on marathon running, but in my opinion, he's a tough guy. He works in KL. Travels daily to work at the crack of dawn and returns at 7+pm everyday. I wonder where he finds the time to even run??? Yet he's driven. Trains at night in Paroi Stadium twice a week. The force is strong in this one!

This guy seems serious but is actually a very gentle man. Very "kek kee" (courteous and polite). This is Foo who is actually a fast runner but quite the laid back kind who doesn't want to "push it". He's a busy doctor running his own clinics and often has literally no time to run. I wonder where he finds the strength to train despite all his calls. I know how he feels because I am in the same line....But he does it in style. Despite the lack of training, he still manages a PR of 4:30 in the recent Singapore Marathon. Salute kao kao!! However, he will be taking a little "break from running" after his HK marathon in Feb 2011. Hope he doesn't take too long a break....the team needs his inspiration.

KG joined us since last year on a number of occasions. Marathon running to him is mainly to train for stamina and endurance for his more serious past time, mountain climbing. Needless to say, he is an avid climber. Done Mt KK on too many occasion to count. Not only so, he also leads huge groups on excursions to various mountain climbing/hiking trips. He's the man you want to speak to if you have a thing for mountain climbing. I am not surprise if he decides to do his Everest in the near future!!

TK just joined us a few months ago. But in my opinion, a very promising fast runner. A Paediatrician with a busy practice. He too, often has to juggle his time for training. HK Marathon in Feb 2011 will be his second full marathon. And also one which he's eyeing on. I know he's training hard for this one!

I should also mention Ah Wun in the white B204 singlet. Indeed a very fast runner (done PR of 4:11 in Singapore 2009), one whom I have come to respect. However, due to injury since mid 2010, he has taken an indefinite leave from running. Hope he gets well soon. Really would be a waste of talent if he chooses to quit! Get back to running, my friend! Don't just stop there!

First met Eric on the day I joined the S2 group. He is actually a KL resident but joins us for runs on occasions. A slim but very energetic runner. He was the Tai Ko of all the runners. Very fast. I remembered the first run I had with him. I couldn't even keep up at all. But he's a very gentle and humble guy who frequently encourages others. I have received a lot of coaching from him too. Currently he is aiming to do his sub 4 this year. And I believe with the proper choice of training program, he'll definitely do it! Vous Serez Champion!

I think you would agree with me that I have been blessed with such a great group of runner buddies! Its my priviledge and honour to have run with you all! I hope to see you in future runs across the country/globe!

When I pen this down, my intentions are not only to remind myself of you. But at the same time, I wish to give you a perspective of how you should see yourself. I hope you all realize that you are a "one-of-a-kind" people who are unconventional, strong and WAY amazing! Not many can actually do what you do! Be proud of it. Keep it up and keep running!!


  1. Thanks for the kind words and the praises..
    Let's run HK Marathon as a farewell run to you.

  2. Farewell run? Is Bolehland going to lose another young talent, if not the whole family, to some country down-south/north?!

  3. Hi, YS. I am leaving for Penang. Transferring there for good. So, will finish here by end of January.

  4. Hi Francis, o i c... sorry for jumping into conclusion coz many people around us migrated... i thot...:) :)


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