You Have Potential!

"YOU HAVE POTENTIAL!" It is so cliche, isn't it? When someone tells you that, it's either he means it as a compliment or he's just being sarcastic....

Someone once said that the greatest wealth is found in the least expected place - The cemetery. That's because all the potentials that were never realized or developed ended up undiscovered, not utilized and permanently buried. It is a sad fact.

Our world is constantly changing. All that follows is humanity trying to grapple with the changing reality. And the struggle goes on and on and on....

How does one cope with it? My take on it is: swim or sink. You have to move up and develop yourself, or else change will eventually catch up with you and make you obsolete.

Often, you will have friends or people telling you: Why so uptight? Why so "PIA" (Hokkien for pushing yourself too hard)? Can't there be a neutral ground?

One worrying trend in our society is the attitude of apathy and indifference. They look at you and sneer: "It has always been like this". "What are you trying to prove?" "That you are better?" They think that if you are not at the same page as them, thinking and acting as they do, then you are just cocky and weird! Come on, admit it, we sometimes think that of 'some people' in our own circle of friends....

We segregate because we want others to be just like us. We reject them because they are unique. But we forget, individually, we are ALL unique. It's just that we haven't learned to see it that way or simply put, we stubbornly refuse to see it. We often look for the easier way. As long as I am 'comfortable', that's the only thing that really matters. We inwardly want and long to be accepted - by our peer, culture, tradition, status, religion etc etc. We will go to all length to protect that. If we perceive others "invading" our space, we see it as a threat and we retaliate.

Are you ready for the truth? The bottom line is: We don't even know ourselves.

Now here is my point: Our true potential is so great! I don't think we appreciate that enough. Really. It is beyond our comprehension.(Let that thought sink in a while). For most people, we have not even begun to tap into it. First of all, you need to put aside all the preconceived ideas and misconceptions about yourself before your eyes can begin to see it. And when you realize that, you begin to see everything so differently. Life takes on a whole new level. 

You owe it to yourself to discover and develop that potential. Because no one else can do that for you. Your potential can be in any field or area. You can apply it to any aspects of your life. But having the courage to pursue it and develop it is altogether a different thing.

So, come on, take that plunge! Dare yourself! You owe it to yourself! Discover your potential. And develop it! Don't bury it and carry it only to your grave. By this, I don't mean you should sign up first thing for Bungee jump or skydiving. Even as you are, you can rediscover your true potential being the Best husband or wife, the Best father/mother, the Best son/daughter, the Best at your profession that you can be; or you can chart a new course to discover things that you have never done before. The possibilities are limitless. The potentials boundless.

What I am writing here is nothing new. I think we all just need a fresh reminder. An eye opener. To clear our head a little and look beyond.....and hopefully we can see clearly where we ought to be.

Since I blog about running, the same principle applies to my marathon time. But more than that, it also encompass other areas of my life too. Truth be told, it is my marathon running that has taught me this important lesson. Frankly, I 'suck' in other areas of my life, but I am beginning to realize that I don't have to remain that way. I can be better. And I will.

It takes a vision, but equally important is perseverance and training. A bit of know-how and a lot of hard work.

Do yourself a favor. Rediscover yourself.


  1. Hi Francis... wondered if you read Chinese Newspaper (Sin Chew)? 3 suicides on the same day in the same town 2 days ago, all 20+ youths!

    Many do not know their REAL potential due to wrong influence from others (including parents and peers). They developed, or ventured into the wrong path, ends up being frustrated and de-moralized... into depression... and ends up suicidal.

  2. It's a sad fact. Perception can sometimes cause us our lives if we are not careful to train ourselves to think right!


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