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I have only started serious training for marathon running since Oct 2009. That was after the Borneo Marathon. Steve Yap was the one who introduced me to the Seremban 2 running group. And I have him to thank for that....

For years I was doing the occasional marathon. About once a year. Training was haphazard. As a result, I nearly gave up on running after a while when I saw no improvement and certainly thought to myself, "If this is what running a marathon is all about, why on earth would I want to continue torturing myself anymore?"

So, I was ready to quit. But the run in Borneo 2009 sparked in me a renewed passion to run. I did my personal best of 4hr 21 minutes for that run. And the funny thing was, I actually enjoyed the run! After that, Steve introduced me to the S2 group and that started the ball rolling.

I remembered the first ever run that I did with this group. Steve warned me that they are a bit hardcore. And he was right! On that Sunday morning, we started at 4.30am, and that day, if my recollection is correct, we did a 35km run! That was really tough for me. And the thing is, Yee (the group leader) and Eric were so casual during the run that they could still chit chat along the way. Needless to say, I was half dead when I eventually finish.

But since then, structured training and read ups had helped me a lot to improve my run. I did my 1st sub 4 in Singapore later that year 3:58. Of course, when something like that happens, it excites you even more to try to better your time. I was hooked on it.

Having a group to run with is a great help too. Not only can you pace yourself, but in terms of the spirit of camaraderie, there is always that feeling that someone is watching out for you. Of course, being macho guys, we never talked about this. But it is obvious that deep inside, we all know what it means to us.

Recent runs in KL Standard Chartered Marathon June 2010 and Beijing Marathon Oct 2010 were both quite rewarding. I clocked 3:41 for KL and my current PB of 3:17 for Beijing. If you ask me what this PB really means to me, I would say that this teaches me one thing: Never write yourself off too soon. I was ready to give up a year ago! You will be amazed to know that even when you think you are over your prime, you can still go further.

So, continue running! I promised myself that unless God removes me by His will from this earth, I am ready to continue running til the day I die.....


  1. Finally...your blog is open to the world!!

    May I suggest you write on your recent trip to Beijing and your experience running in BIM.I am sure many runners would want to know more of BIM before flying there for the race.

    Happy blogging...keep on writing.

  2. Will do! Will gather some info on the Beijing Run and post it....

  3. I do not quite understand myself to be sucked into running and always 'laugh' at people who does this boring stuff. Just like solitaire. I took this hobby out of like majority of the people HEALTH, having very high scores in my blood tests. Started in 2006 at 45, could not even finish 2 km in the first month of running and now doing marathon. My marathon is different in your contexts. I am talking about completed the race without a lot of walking in order to finish before 5hrs. Of course it was a lot of sufferings in all the marathons and has the most enjoyable one in the recent Beijing race. Weather was the factor for this 'easier' marathon. Will continue to try for the forthcoming marathons and to see what I am made of. Could given up marathon after the Singapore and Putrajaya and with the encouragement and words from fellow Seremban 2 runners continue the KL race and lucky enough to make it at 4:57 to continue for the next run. Beijing was luckier. I will try the Singapore this week to check if this is luck or sweat. Cheer me and keep posting, Francis.

  4. TC, you have come a long way, man! I am so proud of your achievement in Beijing. It proves not only you are physically able but above all, mentally fit to endure such a race. Not many can do this. Keep running, man. Never ever give up!


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