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SCKLM 2017. A Perspective.

I am living the marathon dream.

Yes, however you look at it, and despite the 'failures' and melodramatic accounts of my struggles, there is an up side to this. As a friend, Yann Kai tried to show me a while ago, it is always a matter of perspective. I believe, if a runner cannot see this, there is much growing up to do. No matter what caliber he thinks he is. 

KL Marathon has always held a special significance. It was there, way back in 2003 where I did my maiden marathon with a 4:18. Not too shabby for a first attempt. But since that first love affair, the interest waned and it was simply brushed off as a "Been-There-Done-That". 

Then, the interest was renewed with a much needed impetus: my first sub 4 (2009 SCSM). Beyond that, another surprise finish in Beijing, 2010 (3:17) had me hopelessly hooked. More than a PB, it incidentally also qualified me for Boston. Little did I know, it was to become an obsession. 

What followed was years of reaching for the stars. Yet, som…

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