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Medibank Melbourne Marathon 2017

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That is the number of posts I have written over the past 7 years on marathon running. It is in name 'blogging'. But true to its 'genre', it is more of a personal journal. A chronicle of my struggles. A mishmash of confusion and elation, epic failures and tangible progress. All in the name of my dream of sub 3.

It has been quite a journey. But with any journey, all must come to an end.

So, I have decided to make this my last entry. The reason is simple. First of all, this little 'mid-life crisis' aspiration of mine has reached a conclusion. I have achieved one teeny weeny sub 3 in Himeji Castle this Feb 2017. That would have to suffice.

Secondly, I have found a life of marathoning increasingly tiresome. I have continuously chased after a high goal from one season to another. It needs to stop. This high output life has become too demanding and often times, meaningless.

Somehow, the recent Melbourne Marathon helped in this decision.

It wasn't that …

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