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GCAM (Gold Coast Marathon) 2017

This year's Gold Coast was a definite NHNT. 

Neither here nor there. 

It just felt weird going into it. I still have trouble describing it even as I write.  

It was supposed to be the "perfect plan". The ultimate train up to GCAM 2017. Building on the momentum of February's triumphal success, I was hoping for an epic build up, peaking right at this point and literally going out with a BANG! But as with life's surprises, it was not to be. 

C'est La Vie.

No choice but to reset goals. Originally, it was supposed to be a lofty sub 3 attempt. (one which could further cement my 2:59:45 record.) Or at least, one which I'd hoped to rewrite my previous PBs of 3:05 (2012) and 3:03 (2015). 

But life issue always trumps it. And like it or not, reality bites harder than anything else. Whatever your ideals. After all, life really does not revolve around running. Sort out your life and running will take care of itself.

Preoccupied by our relocation to Melbourne and along with …

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