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Breaking 2 hours

For most of us, even the thought of breaking that 3 hours is already a big deal. So when you read about challenges to break the 2 hour mark, for mere mortals, it is like a page out of a Marvel's Comic book. Are these guys for real? 

Therefore when Eliud Kipchoge astounded the world with his 2:00:24 in Monza, Italy. Heads were turned. Jaws dropped. Pulse raised. The world got on her feet. And for the first time, it finally dawned on us that such 'impossibility' could actually become a reality! It is actually within reach!

Sure it was not counted as a world record with the in-out pacers. Imagine if he did make the sub 2, what would they say? Personally, let's not get too hung up on technicality. But I would let the man of the hour Eliud Kipchoge speak for himself. (See Video). After all, no one is more qualified. 

Now just let the idea sink in. The actual pace that one has to run in order to achieve sub2 is 4:34.5 min per mile. That is 2:51.56 min per km. (68.6 seconds per …

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